Recently I found really interesting article about integration of VCL Styles project with Inno Setup installers.

As I have little experiences with Delphi (some parts of Graphical Installer Wizard are made in Delphi 7) I had no idea about this product.
When we started the development of RAD & Installer some time ago I visited many Delphi related pages. I learned two things:

1) Delphi is still widely used - I do no know why I supposed it is dead language/tool.
The last time I used it was during my University studies and since them I only worked with Visual Studio (C++/C#)... Maybe that is why.

2) There are many cool websites, product, utilities and other stuff related to Delphi.
The community is huge and there is a lot of good resources. Sometimes this bites MS which is nice :)

During this research phase I found VCL Styles which looked really great. We may say these products are competitors - both are used for skinning installers - but the detailed look tells us there are some differences. Do you ask which?

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