Summary of 2015 in short: new product RAD & Installer and website redesign.

This year we released new product (few alphas/betas and later Gold version) called RAD & Installer. R&I is very similar to our top product Visual & Installer. The main difference is target platform and language it uses: V&I is designed for Microsoft Visual Studio and programmed in C# while R&I is for Embarcadero RAD Studio and made in Delphi. We are trying to provide the same features in both products which is not possible every time.

During R&I development (main platform is Windows 8.1 and Embarcadero RAD Studio XE8, Delphi) we lacked a few important controls. The RAD Studio IDE is different than Microsoft's and does not provide components we required. So there was no other way than to write everything by ourselves. We wrote many parts of IDE enhancements from scratch (new controls/components), added new features, improved and fixed a lot of stuff and the result is really amazing.


We have developed really exciting technology and many people got interested into it. They asked us to publish it and we promised (not on this blog but somewhere on the Internet: either on Twitter or some forum) to do so.

And today we kept this promise: we have released two (core) components on CodePlex with full sources!

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