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Few days ago a game called Legend of Grimrock 2 has been released.

As authors say: "Legend of Grimrock 2 is a dungeon crawling role playing game with a modern execution but an oldschool heart."

I am huge fan of (old) RPG games, strategic games, tactical strategies and similar games and I also really liked the original Legend of Grimrock game.

When the LoG 2 game was released I remembered we had wanted to cooperate with the game developer (Almost Human) when the original LoG game was released.

We prepared an example how their game could look using our Graphical Installer. It looked like this:
Legend of Grimrock

And now we found all the old stuff and we want to share it with you!

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Recently I found really interesting article about integration of VCL Styles project with Inno Setup installers.

As I have little experiences with Delphi (some parts of Graphical Installer Wizard are made in Delphi 7) I had no idea about this product.
When we started the development of RAD & Installer some time ago I visited many Delphi related pages. I learned two things:

1) Delphi is still widely used - I do no know why I supposed it is dead language/tool.
The last time I used it was during my University studies and since them I only worked with Visual Studio (C++/C#)... Maybe that is why.

2) There are many cool websites, product, utilities and other stuff related to Delphi.
The community is huge and there is a lot of good resources. Sometimes this bites MS which is nice :)

During this research phase I found VCL Styles which looked really great. We may say these products are competitors - both are used for skinning installers - but the detailed look tells us there are some differences. Do you ask which?

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Recently we developed plug-in (with really poetic name graphicalinstaller.dll :) which allows to make certain parts of form fully transparent. Here is example of such installer:

Wildstar Installer

Woooow! You ask: What magic is hidden behind this?

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If you are using Graphical Installer for Inno Setup together with InnoTools Downloader (free third party plug-in to download files during installation) you may noticed the ITD plug-in has unpleasant bug.

E.g. like in this question:

ITD plug-in creates simple form which contains download progress bar and few labels with download information. This form is not visible in regular installers (because they are usually grey). The problem is when you try to use ITD with background skin - the form becomes visible as grey rectangle and the installer does not look cool:
ITD bug

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Last few weekes we were working on a brand new tool - Graphical Installer Wizard for Eclipse.
As many developers use Eclipse IDE for development of their NSIS scripts we decided to support this platform too.

Full name of this product is Graphical Installer Wizard for NSIS, Eclipse Edition, version 1.2.01 which is pretty long but do not worry - it is the same tool you used to use with HM NIS Edit or with Visual & Installer - but now it works also with Eclipse.

However this tool is a part of Graphical Installer for NSIS package you can download it for free (see details below) and use it without any restrictions.

GIW About Dialog

We made several important decisions during development of this tool - there are some serious changes which also affect other next releases of GIW - we describe them below:

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This month we released new version of GI for Inno Setup - v3.3.01 (Katka) for Inno Setup 5.5.3.
It contained a lot of new stuff (check what's new here), but we are still working on it and want to improve our software.

Meanwhile we have created two new buttons sets: Modern and Dark and you can download them now for free.

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As our tweet revealed few days ago we have several big things we want to introduce in 2013.

First of all is support of NSIS 3.0a0. Last version of NSIS (2.46) was released on December 06, 2009 so it is pretty old.
Meanwhile an Unicode NSIS was released and it contains some new features and fixes (currently 2.46.5) - but this is a kind of "unofficial" version so many users still use the old NSIS 2.46 and impatiently wait for new version to come from official authors. NSIS is very mature and stable software so using such old version is risk free, but nevertheless...

NSIS developers are working hard on new release - 3.0a0 with Windows 8 support, 64 bit support, many fixes and new features. We are making preparations for this - we want to be ready when new version is out.

We have developed new application called BitmapCutterGUI - it is already finished and you can download it here (~220 kB, later it can be found in GI installation package). BitmapCutterGUI is the same application for NSIS and Inno Setup.
With it you can create background for installer easier and it is more user friendly than command line version.


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12/31/12: View of Year 2012

Posted by: Slappy
Year 2012 is almost gone - and it was really exciting year!

In January we introduced Third generation of our product Graphical Installer (version 3.01) with support for Inno Setup (which is totally different system than NSIS!)

Graphical Installer for Inno Setup

We have been developing this version in secret for several months (the development started in 2011) and later we also released several small updates of GI for NSIS and Inno Setup during this year to support most recent versions of these install systems.
There were countless number of new features and fixes, enhancements to API and various other things... With all these changes is now GI spread over the whole World and our customers are satisfied with it - which we really enjoy!

The second most important thing we did was the release of Visual & Installer in March - add-on for creating NSIS and Inno Setup installers directly in Microsoft Visual Studio (2005/2008/2010/2012).

All Visual Studio IDEs

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