Before creating the game itself I had to find out the way how to generate game levels and to test whether certain level can be completed/is playable. One of the ways to achieve this was to create Solver - tool that allows you to test and create game levels.

I decided to create Solver sometimes in April 2010 before whole game development began. For Solver I chose C# language, which suits me better than Java, because it allows me to create great Win-based apps with less effort. And I am one step ahead in C# than Java ;)

Creating solver took me a lot of time. The worst part was to create function, which tests level whether it can be completed successfully for player. Solver also provides functionality to test-play level immediately after it's creation.


After finishing this step I was ready to start developing the game itself.

By the way with this solver I was able to complete whatever level in Machinarium just in few seconds :-)