After graduating at University I finally I started with development of the game itself!
Hence I was not a skilled Android-coder so I had to study the Android API at first. That take me more time that I supposed. The whole principle of this platform is a little different than I thought: everything is based on Activity and it's life-cycle, which was really new for me...

I have no previous experiences with neither mobile or iPhone or any similar development (at least I suppose that development for these platforms is similar to Android) so I was a little confused at the beginning. But immediately after I grasped it's the main idea I started to feel like at home :)

Another problem was an IDE. Android and all related stuff is a strong open-source oriented so I could not use my biggest advantage - perfect familiarity with Visual Studio - I use this IDE at work (for C++ and C#) and I rate it as the best IDE in World. But authors of Android chose as main tool Eclipse which I did not use before.
All my learnt short-cuts had vanished and I started learning new ones... that was a tough fight, really!

After all I found out that Eclipse is also great IDE and thanks to the ADT plug-in (which is provided for Android developers) the work was really fine.
By the way the guys at Google made really good job with the whole platform - the whole package with many tools provide so much functionality that I was really impressed by it!

When I started with game development I had no real device. After some time I bought HTC Desire but several weeks I was developing only in Emulator.

First version of game running in emulator

That was really tough, my old laptop was too weak to run it properly so I waited for long times while debugging and tweaking the code...

Anyway after 2 or 3 weeks (I started to work in regular paid job, so I have time only in evenings) I completed game logic and the game was playable from start to end. I always thought that to create "touchable" game is very difficult - but that was the funniest and easiest part of whole development.

First game screen-shot

The game does not contain code from Solver, so each level must be completed manually, no cheating is allowed :) Then it did not contain graphic - only place holders and very primitive textures were used for drawing.
I was really satisfied with game progress and I started to look forward to another step - adding graphic and making it more user-friendly.