After few days off at the end of July I started to work on game again. I decided that it is a right time to start with game graphics because (as I suspected) it is the most difficult part of the game. I am not artist and I have no art skills so I looked for some free artist who would be willing to create graphic for me. I offered a small amount, because I did not have money. I sent many offers but I received only few responses.

After several days of negotiation about game design and how it should look like the hired artist finally started to work. At the beginning he was really devoted for this job, but after several days he stopped to communicate with me. After all he never finished his job. The only thing I got from him is a few scratches of an UI - in that time I imagined the game could look like an old style machine, with broken glass, many pipes, numbers and so on. He indeed created this - and I liked it so much!!!
It a really pity that he did not finished it, I think the game would look more professional...
You can see these scratches here, they are really good:
Proposal A
Proposal B
Proposal C
Proposal D
Proposal E
Proposal F
Proposal G
Proposal H
Proposal I

In middle of August 2010 I was in a hurry - I wanted to participate in HTC Android Contest (contest for young Android developers sponsored by HTC company), so I had to finish my game in a very short time.
So i decided to radically change the game design. I have several possibilities: to pay a big cash to professional artist or to create all graphic by myself. I chose the second option and started working on it.

I have new design concept in my head - a simple board with metallic or wooden background. Finally I choose wooden because it looked more user-friendly. The main game-table is created from old stone chessboard and there are placed red/yellow/green round rings on it. The whole game is created from free textures: the wooden plank, frame, stone table and modified in GIMP. Rings are created using tutorial for rounded web buttons :)
I am not entirely satisfied with it, but I cannot do anything better :(

Final graphic can be seen on official images for HTC contest (UI is in Slovak language):