Year 2012 is almost gone - and it was really exciting year!

In January we introduced Third generation of our product Graphical Installer (version 3.01) with support for Inno Setup (which is totally different system than NSIS!)

Graphical Installer for Inno Setup

We have been developing this version in secret for several months (the development started in 2011) and later we also released several small updates of GI for NSIS and Inno Setup during this year to support most recent versions of these install systems.
There were countless number of new features and fixes, enhancements to API and various other things... With all these changes is now GI spread over the whole World and our customers are satisfied with it - which we really enjoy!

The second most important thing we did was the release of Visual & Installer in March - add-on for creating NSIS and Inno Setup installers directly in Microsoft Visual Studio (2005/2008/2010/2012).

All Visual Studio IDEs

When this tool was released in beta version in March we had no idea how popular it becomes in few weeks. As we offer NSIS and Inno Setup scripting services and various programming services (C/C++/C#/Delphi) we used Visual Studio for programming and native NSIS/Inno editors to develop installers.
The editors lacked the functionality we used to use in Visual Studio so we started to develop custom add-on for Visual Studio 2010. As it was really useful for us we decided to offer it to other users.
It showed up there was a hole in market and similar tool was really needed. Now users can create installers in their favorite IDE together with their projects without need of other tools or editors.

In September we switched to commercial model (with fair prices) to be able to keep development of this tool and we spread it to all major Visual Studio versions: 2005/2008/2010 and 2012.
Also our Graphical Installer Wizard for creating cool looking installers (whole installer can be generated without writing single line of script) was added to V&I so both our top products are nicely tied.

Supported Visual Studio IDEsGraphical Installer Wizard examples

We have many cool ideas and plans for this product and we hope it will became more and more popular.

What about other stuff?
We updated the website (also this blog :), finally finished Slovak website, we created many and many pages of manual and documentation, video tutorials (coming soon!), added social elements to the page (Twitter, Facebook page), and many other things.

There are also many plans and features we want to include in our website in next year so keep us fingers crossed!

Thank you all! Happy New Year 2013!