Some time ago we said 'Graphical Installer is our TOP product.' That was totally true in those days.
In nowdays we can say 'Visual & Installer is our TOP product.' This is more than totally true.

V&I became so favorite that it's success surprised also us. We can say it loudly: V&I is more popular than GI. Nevermind.
Now the users are ready for new and new features and they want more and more so we will try to fullfil their needs.
Combination of Visual Studio and V&I features provides so many functionality that is almost useless to use other IDE or editor.
But to be honest there is a couple of things which bother us - and we want the V&I to be perfect!

So what we want to bring to you?

1) Debugging for NSIS and Inno Setup.
This is a big thing - and a key feature. Visual Studio is famous for it's great possibilities of debugging C/C++/C# (and maybe other) languages. We want the same for NSIS and Inno language - but it is a really tough nut.

At this moment Inno Setup contains it's own debugger (written in Pascal) so in standard Inno's IDE (application Compil32.exe) it is possible to do basic debug stuff - everything is nicely located under Run menu.

Inno Setup debugger options

This menu contains all basic debugging commands: lanuching installer in debug mode (F9) + setting parameters, setting breakpoints (F5), navigation in code (F4, F7, F8), terminating debugged process (Ctrl+F2) and evaluating expressions and constants (Ctrl+F4).

Inno Setup evaluate of variable

Adding these few options into V&I would be really great help for all. But to implement them there is still much work ahead of us.

So in Inno Setup there is an option how to debug installers - but in NSIS? There is absolutely no suitable tool for this purpose. That sucks.
In the first step we will focus on creating debugger for Inno Setup. There is way how to do it and we will do it!
Later we can to focus on NSIS. With experiences from Inno debugger we may be succesfull.

2) Adding missing features from Visual Studio.
There is still a lot of features that are missing in V&I but Visual Studio is capable of doing them - regions, parameters info, braces highlighting, class view, history/navigation views and many more.

We hope we will add some of these features soon but we are interested what you - V&I users need. Can you told us?
We will create simple poll on this blog where you can choose your favourite feature to be implemented. Also we are considering creating simple forum where you can talk about V&I.
For now use the comments below to tell us your opinion.

Thanks for any ideas and suggestions!