A few months ago, cca in October 2009 I bought very interesting game called Machinarium

Machinarium cover

This game is classic 2D puzzle/adventure game and I like it's style so much!
There are many of various puzzle in this game and one of them is the 'Glasshouse puzzle'. How the puzzle looks like can be seen in this video:

I was really fascinated by this puzzle so I decided to create a similiar game for Android platform (which was in that time new for me).

At that time I was studying at Faculty of Management studies and Informatics at University of Zilina and I did not have enough time to develop it. But in June 2010 after my final exams I started to work on it.
However I had no experiences with this platform [but I learned Java severals years ago - during my university studies] I had another challenge - I wanted to participate in HTC Android Contest for Slovak developers and to win of course :)