First days of new year is perfect time to summarize the past year. And it can be said the year 2013 was AWESOME!!!

To refresh the year 2013 plans and ideas check this article: Plans for 2013 - Part 1 (Graphical Installer) and Plans for 2013 - Part 2 (Visual & Installer).

So what we promised and [not]fulfilled?

Long story short: we are very happy with work in past year because we fulfilled everything!

Graphical Installer:

What we fulfilled:

  • We created new application called BitmapCutterGUI which is really easy to use. It becomes an official part of GI package.

  • We added support for NSIS 3 (currently NSIS 3.0a2!) which has a lot of cool new features.

  • We released improved GI Wizard (with many fixes, improved help, ...)

  • We created new plug-in - GI Wizard for Eclipse (working together with EclipseNSIS)

  • We added support for Inno Setup up to version 5.5.4! (ANSI and UNICODE)

  • We developed GI Wizard for Inno Script Studio so all Inno IDEs are now supported.

The things which were not finished:

  • support for .png and .tif (.tiff) backgrounds (this is only supported in Inno Setup not NSIS)

Except one point in the list we finished everything we wanted. Graphical Installer is now really powerful and easy to use tool.
There are also many many other new features, fixes and improvements (new look of installer, better integration, support for transparent (irregular) windows, and lot of others), the whole list can be found in changelog for GI NSIS or changelog for GI Inno Setup.

We are very happy about this - but we will try to keep the good work and continue in 2014!

Visual & Installer:

Visual & Installer became more and more popular which we really enjoy. We got a lot of feedback for this product and we added so many new features that we not even planned. But there is one thing we did not finish:

  • Debugging for NSIS and Inno Setup

This is a huge thing (yes, we need it too!) but it requires a lot of work to be done so we did not finished it this year. (We can tell you a secret: we started to work on it :) But the release date is unknown :(

The second point

  • Adding missing features from Visual Studio.

was not finished on 100% but on 100000%! We added so many new features that the V&I become the best NSIS/Inno Setup IDE in the World! The list of changes, fixes and new features is so long that you have to read it in separate tab :)
To mention one specific feature - we added support for Visual Studio 2013 immediately after it's release (even during the RC phase) which is gorgeous.

Again: we are very satisfied with this product (and our customers say the same too!) and we will keep working on it.

As it was said sooner: the year 2013 was AWESOME and we hope the next year will be even better!