Year 2013 was really successful. We want to continue in this trend and bring you new exciting things.
But the Year 2014 will be special. Special because among other stuff like new features, fixes and improvements we going to release two new awesome products (not related to installation).

These two products are called Dynamic Downloader and Printing Costs Monitor.

These products will be available later this year but we will introduce them a little now.

Dynamic Downloader (DD)
Dynamic Downloader

DD (for Windows) is easy to use multilingual download system for a primary software which monetizes on the lengthy delivery time by providing supplemental software installations offers during its download.

How it works? Real example for Visual & Installer:

Let's say the end-user wants to download V&I. This is called primary software. Instead of downloading it directly all he needs is to download DD (small .exe file, less than 1MB) which will download primary software for him.

While primary software is being downloaded, DD shows him several offers - another softwares which he can (optional) download and install together with primary software.

For V&I offer can be Graphical Installer for NSIS or Inno Setup and user can accept the offers to download and install it.

You (the owner of DD) can decide which offers will be offered to end-user (it is possible to change them dynamically). The offers are shown as simple HTML pages and all actions are tracked so you have immediately overview how end-users react to offers.

If the primary software is too huge it can be cut into several parts - whole download process can be interrupted and user can continue from the same point.

Printing Costs Monitor (PCM)
Printing Costs Monitor

PCM is printer tracking software for Windows. It watches printers connected to computer (local or remote) and provide statistics for them.
You can watch how much the users print - you have immediately overview how many pages, documents, how often is printed etc. etc.

Data are saved in MS SQL database (later in SQLite and MySQL) which you can access through any Web browser from any platform - even from your tablet and mobile phone.

Here is full list of our products for year 214:
Visual & InstallerGraphical Installer for Inno SetupGraphical Installer for NSISPrinting Costs MonitorDynamic Downloader