Recently I found really interesting article about integration of VCL Styles project with Inno Setup installers.

As I have little experiences with Delphi (some parts of Graphical Installer Wizard are made in Delphi 7) I had no idea about this product.
When we started the development of RAD & Installer some time ago I visited many Delphi related pages. I learned two things:

1) Delphi is still widely used - I do no know why I supposed it is dead language/tool.
The last time I used it was during my University studies and since them I only worked with Visual Studio (C++/C#)... Maybe that is why.

2) There are many cool websites, product, utilities and other stuff related to Delphi.
The community is huge and there is a lot of good resources. Sometimes this bites MS which is nice :)

During this research phase I found VCL Styles which looked really great. We may say these products are competitors - both are used for skinning installers - but the detailed look tells us there are some differences. Do you ask which?

Graphical Installer is primarily used for skinning the main area of installer - the installer window.
It uses picture which is shown in background of installer window. This is main feature of GI and with it you can create really impressive results. Also it can skin buttons, scrollbars and some other controls of course!

One picture is better than a thousand of words. Especially for game installers or software which wants to represent some ideas.

VCL Styles Utils is capable of skinning each application - not only the installers. And it can skin all controls (Forms, Buttons, Check-boxes, Progress-bars, Lists, ... even Message-box dialogs) and - to be honest - that is totally awesome.

But we do not live in 90' anymore. Creating fancy flashing application is not cool anymore. In current days even the Windows itself can do some cool stuff and it does not use boring rectangular shaped controls in grey shades like previous versions did.

That is the reason why Graphical Installer is focused mainly on background area of installer. However there are still people who want to skin their apps and controls - so combination of picture on background and skinning controls is the best for them:)

Graphical Installer with VCL Styles for Inno Setup

Using GI + VCL Styles is really easy. Download this example (1.8 MB).

The example contain full sources (to compile the install GI for Inno Setup 3.4.01 (Lenka) or newer) and compiled example so you can immediately try it.