Few days ago a game called Legend of Grimrock 2 has been released.

As authors say: "Legend of Grimrock 2 is a dungeon crawling role playing game with a modern execution but an oldschool heart."

I am huge fan of (old) RPG games, strategic games, tactical strategies and similar games and I also really liked the original Legend of Grimrock game.

When the LoG 2 game was released I remembered we had wanted to cooperate with the game developer (Almost Human) when the original LoG game was released.

We prepared an example how their game could look using our Graphical Installer. It looked like this:
Legend of Grimrock

And now we found all the old stuff and we want to share it with you!

However the negotiations were unsuccessful and they did not use Graphical Installer for their game that time, we saved the installer into our "Past projects :(" folder.

We think the installer was really nice and it was very special because it simulated crawling through the dungeon.

Every page in installer had it's own image. When you clicked Next the image changed and the installation looked like you are moving through the dungeon.

During the installation the picture showed closed gate:
LoG - Closed gate during installation

.. and when the installation finished the picture showed opened gate :)

LoG - Opened gate when installation finished

It was really amazing feature :)

As we found all sources for this project you can now download it (for both installation systems - for NSIS and Inno Setup).

As we cannot distribute these examples in official Graphical Installation package you can grab it here and modify for your purposes!

Of course you cannot use exactly the LoG images in your installer and you need to purchase Graphical Installer license!

Download version for Inno Setup (20 MB - all images are uncompressed PNGs).
Download version for NSIS (2 MB, compressed JPGs).