Dynamic Downloader

Powerful system for monetization software downloads for Windows. It is primary designed for downloading large files. The end user - instead of downloading a desired large file directly (through browser) - downloads only small Dynamic Downloader Client which downloads desired large file in small chunks on background. This way allows you to offer the end user additional values while his desired file is being downloaded. That value can be offer to download third party software or it can simply show ads, videos, websites or any other online content.

    System is divided into two parts:
    • Client part

      Tiny Windows application processing user's requests. Client downloads requested files on background, shows user additional information based on configuration in Server and performs all required actions.

    • Server part

      Cloud application (web service) collecting data from Clients and managing them. It has an intuitive web-based interface for managing Clients where it is possible to define design, content and behavior of Clients.

    • Try it immediately!

      You can try Dynamic Downloader (both Client and Server parts) in few moments. We have prepared a pilot project called 'InnoIDE' where you can try all features and see how it works in real world. Visit Live Demo section for more details.

Detailed product website with a lot of information is located at www.dynamic-downloader.com.

Visit it for more details and to see a list with all Features and detailed screenshots

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