Scripting (Creating installers in NSIS and Inno Setup)

We have a lot of experiences with NSIS and Inno Setup - we did everything possible in installation, from the most basic of basic installers to freaky huge ones, so we know it's every trick. Our team has a very wide range of experience across operating systems and installer platforms.

Fonts localisation

We offer services related to fonts - modifications, corrections, adding missing characters and updates for certain charsets and languages (Central European, Cyrilic, Greek, ...)

Programming (C/C++/C#/Delphi)

Our programmers have advanced experiences with many programming languages and technologies so we are capable of regular outsourcing. We have already created many useful tools and utilities (MFC, WPF, .NET, ...) for our clients. This work can be - but does not need to be - related to installation systems.