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Commercial License

Graphical Installer for Inno Setup - Commercial License
  • Available in several license packs.
  • Basic price is 49,- EUR per License.
  • The more licenses you buy the lower price you get!
  • See the Quantity Discounts below.
  • Read product`s FAQs on product website.
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Commercial licenses are paid by "Products". For each software you wish to create installer you require a valid Graphical Installer license. All developers from your company can use it on all workstations.
Graphical Installer is DRM free! There is no need to activate or reinstall if after purchase (even if you are using Trial version). Please do not abuse that.

Personal License

Graphical Installer for Inno Setup - Personal License
  • For hobbyists and individual developers
  • Includes 1 month of software updates and technical support
  • Single (1 product) license only - 17.95 EUR.
  • Read product`s FAQs on product website.

Please keep in mind that this license is intended only for personal use. This license is NOT for organizations or companies!

Purchase information - Please read carefully!

1) You should receive the email with download links IN FEW MINUTES (in most cases even less than in 1 minute!) after you finish your payment via PayPal.

If you do not receive any email from us within half an hour then do not hesitate and CONTACT US! Please check at first your spam/junk folder for this email!

2) The Trial link and Full version link are the same. Trial version offers all features for limited time of 30 days, that is the only difference.

Once you purchase the License you can use the Trial version as Full product without any restrictions (otherwise you have to uninstall it after 30 days).

Quantity Discounts

Quantity discounts are available at the time of purchase only. Quantity discounts are computed automatically when you purchase online.

Name Number of
Comment Price per
Product`s installer with discount
Single license 1 € 49,- Basic price € 49.00 1 month
Two licenses 2 € 89,- You save € 9! € 44.50 2 months
Three licenses 3 € 119,- You save € 28! € 39.66 3 months
Four licenses 4 € 149,- You save € 47! € 37.25 4 months
Five licenses 5 € 179,- You save € 66! € 35.80 5 months
Ten licenses 10 € 349,- You save € 141! € 34.90 12 months
Fifty licenses 50 € 1 599,- You save € 851! € 31.99 24 months
Unlimited pack - € 3 499,- Unlimited Products - 48 months

Personal licenses are not eligible for quantity purchases and discounts.

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